Our Top Mission...

is to provide first and second generation Somali youth with programs which allow for growth and development in all seven dimensions of wellness. 

In loo sameeyo  Jiilka kowaad iyo kuwa labaad dhaliyarada Somaliyeedka  ee Amerikanka ah  barnaamijyo. Kuwaas soo u ogolaanayo inay horomar iyo koritaan ka sameeyeen todobda  qeybood ee cabirka fiyoobida.


Who are we?

Together, we can change many lives

We are a grassroots community organization which aims to serve an underserved niche which is the Somali American youth. Somali Americans have now been in the United States for over 50 years. There is a lot of hidden talent in our community who are keen on giving back. There are also a plethora of young individuals who are in need of vehicle to serve their growth.The two more often than not don’t find each other. SAYF aims to bring the talent to the forefront and serve as a platform for those looking for different ways to give back.

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We run many different programs for youth of all ages and the community at large.

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