There’s a leader in every single one of us; whether you have tapped into that hidden power or not. This program is dedicated to giving students a way to strengthen their leadership skills – which is a crucial in ensuring their success in the future.


The athletics branch of SAYF is committed to bringing out the potential in everyone, and taking your skills to the next level. Do you feel like you have the skill it takes, but need help refining the craft and taking your sport seriously? With a diligent team of coaches and resources, SAYF’s athletics program can do just that.

Entrepreneurship Development

Do you think you just might be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? If so, and you’re serious about acquiring some skills that will teach you how to be successful in business, sign up!

Mentorship and Counseling

A growing issue in our communities is a lack of guidance when it comes to certain topics. There is a disconnect growing between different generations, and SAYF aims to bring that back together. With the help of qualified individuals, the mentoring and counseling program offers students help with school, choosing a major, and perspective on other important life’s challenges and decisions.

Community Service Initiatives

It’s always important we give back. The community service initiative would work to get individuals involved in work that would help the community as a whole. From helping out at homeless shelters, to food drives, volunteering at assisted living housing, and more, SAYF would help you to utilize your skills to empower our community and build your resume!

Professional Networking

Get in contact with professionals across the globe who are always searching for possible employees. Building connections is the most important thing you could do to catapult your career, and SAYF is here to direct you the the right connects.

Social Events & Activities

As we continue to grow and expand, SAYF will be hosting a number of community events to bring everyone together. From open dialogues, dinners, and more, the social events and activities hosted by SAYF will bring us all together accordingly in a light, social setting.

After-School Tutoring

Do you want your child to gain the best education possible? Bring them over to the SAYF tutoring program where they will receive homework help as well as educational enhancing skills from some of the best, most qualified tutors.

Civic Engagement

It’s always important to get involved in your community on an administrative level. Interested in making connections with local policy-makers, and engaging with community leaders? Join now to be the change you want to see.  

Personal Development Workshops

These workshops aim to create a space for individuals to grow and develop. It is crucial one learns to gain a sense of confidence, stimulation, and personal assurance in order to advance in their lives. These spaces would focus on teaching individuals to gauge their skills and attributes, as well as setting out life goals and ways to achieve them.

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